Take better photos: a photography foundation workshop with Paul Green


Take better photos: a photography foundation workshop with Paul Green

99.00 150.00

Saturday 23 March • 10:00 to 17:00

moreHuman Studio • Littenstr. 106 - 107, Berlin 10179

Beginner level workshop, at a special introductory price.

This workshop is for those who are just getting started or wish to refresh their knowledge, for those who have the desire to take their camera off AUTO but aren’t really sure what’s going on, and those that just can’t seem to make what they see look as good in the camera.

Please bring your own camera so you can learn and play. It can be a point and shoot camera with manual settings, a digital mirrorless, a digital SLR, or an analogue/film SLR camera. SLR means single lens reflex, and basically refers to the cameras that can change lenses and have a mirror inside. Mirrorless also can change lenses, but as the name suggests, no mirror inside.

What you will learn:

• How to use your camera with manual settings

• Exposure, how to get it right and how to use it for effect

• Aperture and depth of field

• Shutter speed and motion blur

• ISO for high quality and low light

• Composition and light: how to look and frame to capture a great image.

• How to put you new knowledge to use out on the streets of Berlin

It will be a fun day of learning, playing and experimenting, and will get you excited to take more pictures.

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OR email studio@thepaulgreen.com with any questions.

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About your instructor:

I have loved photography since I was very young, playing with an old Box Brownie camera. There was always something beautiful and mysterious about that black box, something magical in the click.

Since 2006 I have worked as a professional photographer in the commercial and creative fields, as well as producing 3 books, two on live burlesque in Berlin, and a book of portraits from the Staatsoper Berlin.

In 2008 I earned my certification in adult education in Australia and taught at a private photography school in Sydney. I’ve also taught English to non-native speakers in Prague, and really enjoy sharing what I know.

My own education came from thousands of hours of practice, assisting some of the worlds top photographers, and studying both commercial and fine art photography at two of Australia’s top universities. So you’re in pretty good hands.