Rocket is a peg man

This is the first shoot I did in my new studio in Berlin Mitte, back in 2014 (?).

It took a long time to actually get Roc Rocket into the studio, but he did not disappoint.



Dentist, lover of motorcycles, and survivor of a horrifying accident that removed the flesh from half of his face and body, Ruben still manages to embody a rugged James Dean style.


Rafael Santeria: Porn producer and actor

Rafael produces, films, and acts in hardcore porn, with a focus on alternative subculture, violence, and degradation. His films, and those of similar genre split peoples opinion quite sharply. Some believe it’s anti women and sadistic, and others believe it to be highly erotic, as if a door has been opened to something of which they previously felt ashamed, there is relief that they are not alone in their kink.


Marco Punk

This is the second set off Marco I have on my website, I like it because there is some animalistic quality that roars forth, then something a little more reflective as well as a beautiful natural smile.

Check out the website and tell me which set you prefer?


Charlie Bouquett: artist and producer

Charlie is a chameleon, an incredible performer with a fantastic flair for costumes, a producer of shows worldwide, and then in the real world, an almost unrecognisable, humble and hilarious human.


Ben X: Fire and hook suspension performer

He has a traditional strong-man appeal of circuses past, Ben X is a fire and suspension performer at Londons Box Theater. Suspension, for those who do not know, is where sharp hooks on ropes are placed under the skin, and the body is raised into the air.